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Interoperability; How Important Is It?

In today's healthcare environment, there is a lot of discussion regarding meaningful use, hospital reimbursement, and the importance of electronic medical record interoperability with regard to patient safety. According to American Medical Association (AMA) President Steven Stack, MD,"The lack of interoperability is one of the major reasons why the promise of electronic health records (EHR) has not been fulfilled."  As a patient, quality of care can at times seem substandard when being cared for in a system that does not have an EHR that interfaces even within its own facility, let alone with outside facilities.  Please read the posted article; 
Monegain, B. (2016, June 06). MACRA gives healthcare a fresh start for EHR interoperability, AMA President Steven Stack says. Retrieved June 07, 2016, from 


What are your thoughts, as to how interoperability affects patient safety?

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