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  • 1.  Entry level positions

    Posted 03-21-2023 09:02

    I wanted to see if anyone can offer advice on transitioning from bedside to informatics nursing.  I currently work at City of Hope in outpatient infusion with no opportunities for lateral movement thus far.

    There doesn't seem to be many opportunities for new Informatics nurses. I will be finishing my MSN program soon. The positions listed require a good deal of previous experience, and most seem to be senior positions.

    Any advice?

    Lori Mecham RN
    City of Hope
    Simi Valley CA

  • 2.  RE: Entry level positions

    Posted 09-05-2023 19:45

    Hi Lori!  

    I was a bedside nurse with no previous Informatics experience.  Entry-level positions are usually named something like "application analyst" or "clinical informatics analyst".  

    I networked with my on-site Informatics team and let them know of my interest in transitioning to Informatics.  It actually took a couple of years for an entry-level position to open up but once it did, I was prepared with my resume that emphasized my transferrable skills from bedside to IT.  

    If I see any entry-level positions posted in LA/OC, I'll send them over to you :)

    Kathryn Abaya BSN RN-BC
    Clinical Informatics Specialist
    MemorialCare Shared Services
    Fullerton CA