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Michelle Gale-Nelson, RN RAC-CT MSN C-NE

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I am a highly skilled Registered Nurse, with over 20 years of practical experience across all healthcare environments. Currently, I am a Case Mix Specialist and Medicare Operations Specialist for the largest post-acute provider in the U.S. Previously, I was a Nurse Consultant and EHR Implementation Specialist for the largest post acute consulting firm in the U.S. I have built a team that has increased revenues and CMI by an average of $30/day per KS Medicaid patient. My team is consistently above budget in skilled revenue, by achieving 75% or greater in upper RUG categories. We also increased length of stay from an average of 30 days in January 2014 to greater than 40 days in January 2015 for our population. Recently, I presented during a break out session at the AANAC National Convention on May 7th, 2015. The session was entitled, “Why Doesn’t Everyone Else Think Like Me?”
I have the ability to coordinate effectively with multiple departments and personality styles. I employ a strong leadership style and ability to manage effectively in difficult situations. I possess proficient time management skills, facility organization, staff education, mentoring and empowerment traits as well as the delegation of tasks. I am a firm believer that an educated employee is a satisfied person and when they are given the correct tools they will make informed choices and better outcomes are achieved. I feel that even the worst of situations can be overcome when systems and strategies are put into place to help implement a change, monitor its’ progress and revise it as needed. I also believe that the majority of employees will rise to the occasion when the bar is raised; they simply need to be challenged. Although there are a small number of employees who will not accept the challenge, I believe that high turnover and employee dissatisfaction is a reflection upon the manager and not the employee. I am currently enrolled in an MBA program with a focus in Healthcare Management.