About Midwest Region Chapter

Chapter Purpose

  • The purpose of ANIA Mid-West Region Chapter is to advance the practice through education.
  • Promote member participation in chapter activities from all five states.
  • Aggressively promote collaboration in all settings.
  • Cultivate an atmosphere of encouragement to participate in research.

Chapter Focus

  • Deliver relevant and meaningful education using multiple venues and delivery methods.
  • Encourage member involvement with hosting events.
  • Support member contribution toward professional collaboration among peers.
  • Secure resources to host events and increase revenue for future Chapter ventures.
  • Support the next generation of nurse informatics specialist through collaborative mentoring and networking.

About the Chapter

Currently this chapter covers members in the states of Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana.  

Member to Know

The Midwest Region Chapter Board will select members as recognition of their contributions to the Chapter.  Our first Member to Know will be announced soon!