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ANIA SoCal Chapter Welcomes Board Members for 2017

  • 1.  ANIA SoCal Chapter Welcomes Board Members for 2017

    Posted 02-15-2017 20:23

    ANIA SoCal Chapter Welcomes Board Members for 2017 

    The American Nursing Informatics Association's SoCal Chapter would like to welcome new individuals to the organization’s Board of Directors. These individuals officially joined the board at our Annual Conference meeting on January 27, 2017, in Los Angeles. 
    Our new board members, who will serve on the ANIA board for a two-year term are: 

    Angela Amucha - Treasurer 

    Susan Balou - Education Committee Director 

    Lisa Harrison – Social Media & Communications Co-director 

    John Lussier - Membership Committee Director 

    We are fortunate to have board members who are passionate and dedicated to the field of nursing informatics. ANIA SoCal's mission is to continue to advance the field of informatics.  If you are interested in volunteering for ANIA SoCal, consider joining one of our committees. For more information, please contact: 

    Education Committee

    Susan Balou: susan.balou@providence.org 

    Membership Committee 

    John Lussier: jlussier@emc.org 

    Social Media & Communications Committee 

    Betty Blahna: bblahna@coh.org 

    Lisa Harrison: lisachavezharrison@gmail.com 

    Continuing in their roles as officers of the Board of Directors are Ellen Pollack, President; Karen Pope, Vice President; Meg Furukawa, Secretary;  and Betty Blahna, Social Media & Communications Committee Co-Chair. 

    Additionally, ANIA SoCal would like to give special thanks to the board members who are concluding service in 2017: Melinda Nguyen, Linda Privette, and Tess Settergren.

    Lisa Harrison
    ANIA SoCal Social Media & Communications Co-director
    Email: lisachavezharrison@gmail.com[