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  • 1.  Getting into the Nursing Informatics Field

    Posted 02-08-2021 15:51
    Hi everyone! I'm Charlotte and I just wanted some advice on getting into the nursing informatics field. Just a little background, I worked at an acute care hospital for about 7 years, and I finished my MSN in Nursing Informatics in 2016. I am currently working full-time as a simulation nursing instructor (almost 3 years now), but I really wanted to get back into the hospital setting and be a nurse informaticist there. However, I couldn't find any position and organization that lets me in without any informatics experience.

    I appreciate any advice. Thank you!

    Charlotte Rae Hugo
    Carson CA

  • 2.  RE: Getting into the Nursing Informatics Field

    Posted 02-09-2021 16:06
    I would focus on your skill set and how what you currently are doing translates into the informatics world. Also recommend applying even though it says experience required because you never know what happens. Sometimes it's a leap of faith, you know right time/right place.
    The other option is to go back to the bedside where you will use/learn that ministries EHR and familiarize yourself with the informatics staff, volunteer to be a super user, etc. 

    Melissa Arnold

    Director Regulatory & Quality, Clinical Informatics

    Providence Shared Services – Information Services
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