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  • 1.  MSN Degree Informatics

    Posted 07-11-2016 22:35

    HI Everyone, 

    I am in the process of applying to two different online program for my MSN in Informatics, Chamberlain and Capella. 

    Does anyone has any advice about which program is better or whether there is another online program you went to or have heard of that is better than either of those?

    The curriculum at Chamberlain seems more developed specifically related to Informatics, but I've also read online reviews that Capella is a slightly better program and is more user friendly and less aggressive with regard to their recruiting techniques. 

    I'm planning to start in the fall and would appreciate any advice you can offer!

    (My background is organ transplantation as a liver and / or kidney coordinator for 10 years, 25 years as an RN).

    Warm Regards, 


    Leeanne Shinn
    Encino CA

  • 2.  RE: MSN Degree Informatics

    Posted 09-09-2016 12:24

    Reminder that Leanne has a question.  Can anyone help her out? 

    Betty Blahna BSN RN M-PM
    Nursing Informatics Officer
    Duarte CA

  • 3.  RE: MSN Degree Informatics

    Posted 09-10-2016 12:38
    Good morning, Leanne and all!
    I was an advisor to the development of the Chamberlain program and I can speak to the quality, though their program is newer.  Chamberlain's approach was to gather the best input possible from the practice domain (people like me) and from informatics academic experts.  Their program is based on critical informatics competencies.  The curriculum and course content were informed by  informatics experts that are also leading revision of master's informatics program certification standards. 
    In addition to ensuring that their program reflects best informatics practices and the most important 'on-the-ground' competencies, Chamberlain takes responsibility to help students with practicum placement.  
    I have been very disappointed to observe that many (if not most) of the online programs do not help students with practicum placement. I have seen students struggle for a year or more to find a practicum site that is usually NOT the experience they wanted.  In addition, students who have approached me from certain online programs tend to be extremely ill-prepared.  My health system will only contract with a college/university offering online if we know the program actually prepares students for practice-the list is very short, unfortunately, so I am happy to see that you are asking for information!  My health system is not the only one that has become selective-frankly, many health systems will not consider contracts with certain online colleges/universities.   Make sure your program will help with practicum placement!!
    Chamberlain has a nursing informatics expert on faculty-many online programs do not, and their faculty  are sometimes poorly prepared to teach informatics content.  Ask if someone on faculty that has practiced as an informatics nurse.
    In my opinion, Chamberlain's program delivers.  Don't rule out some of the other university online programs-some look too expensive, but offer enough financial aid to be competitive.  I have precepted students from University of CO and Duke and those students have been well-prepared.  Make sure you get are getting value for your money!  ;-))   I can absolutely recommend the Chamberlain program, and Capella may be excellent, too-I am just not familiar with it.   Good luck, Leanne!!  Tess
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