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Nancy Roskos MSN, RN 

RN Clinical Support Analyst III

Nancy has been in various healthcare positions for 33 years. She began her career at an insurance company then went to work at a clinic where she was a receptionist and went to school to become a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) and became an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). After working in an Emergency Room as an EMT she went to school for nursing. In 2003 she graduated with her associate degree. In 2010 she completed her bachelor’s in nursing degree and in 2022 she completed her master’s degree in nursing informatics.

As a nurse she worked in the position of a staff nurse in a cardiac step-down unit and progressive care unit. She also worked at a long-term care facility as a charge and staff nurse. She entered the field of informatics in 2013 providing elbow support at one of the Banner Health hospitals and later that year joined the clinical support help desk team, providing support and troubleshooting to customers who called the clinical help line. In 2018 she moved to a team that helped with project implementation including EPCS and tap and go. In 2020 there was a reorganization of the teams and currently she is working on the Engagement and Support team. In this role she works on projects and was one of the leads for informatics when we transitioned our new hospitals onto our electronic medical record. She believes that technology is important in helping improve patient outcomes and needs to be interoperable to assist clinicians with decision making.