About Chapter

Chapter Mission

The Mission of the Western Pennsylvania ANIA Chapter is to promote safe nursing practice and workflow efficiency through informatics principles, education, and knowledge sharing.

The Vision of the Western Pennsylvania ANIA Chapter is to advance the practice and leadership of nursing informatics through the sharing of learned experiences and collaborating across all healthcare disciplines and settings in Western PA.

About the Chapter

The journey to form a new American Nurse Informatics Association (ANIA) chapter for Western Pennsylvania began in 2013. By June 2015, Western PA ANIA had officially become a chapter with the first meeting occurring in September of that same year. 

Since our inauguration in 2015, the Western PA chapter has been providing educational, mentoring, and growth opportunities for those interested in the field of informatics.  Our chapter is looking forward to continuing the informatics journey and bringing along those who want to explore, learn, teach, and grow through collaboration and shared experiences.