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    Posted 06-04-2018 13:57
    Hello DFW ANIA Chapter members!  With the continuing growth of healthcare informatics studies and growth in number of people choosing it as a career path, what would be your best advice for these students to "get their foot in the door"?  What kind of job titles should they be searching for?  What kind of networking opportunities (outside of our outstanding chapter events) should they be signing up for?  My best advice would be (if they have the flexibility to work while in school) to find an entry level job in healthcare and start gaining a better understanding of healthcare culture while working to develop a network of colleagues that could help with an eventual job search after graduation.  I believe gaining employment as a clinic staffer, hospital unit secretary, an OR scheduler, hospital receptionist, or even just putting in some volunteer hours at a clinic or hospital could greatly increase the chances of finding a job in healthcare informatics upon graduation.  These types of jobs would help to grow their knowledge of healthcare processes and workflows and may even give them a chance to work more intimately with an electronic health record.

    What are YOUR thoughts?

    Erin Dickerman MBA,RN
    Regulatory/Quality Specialist
    Adjunct Professor of Healthcare Informatics - TWU
    Dallas TX