Melissa Christopher, MSN RN

Fairchild Medical Center

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Fairchild Medical Center


I have a passion for improving patient care and a bent towards technology. I serve as a liaison between the clinical and technological teams, an invaluable player who understands what it means to work at the bedside in this age of digital technologies.

I am fascinated by the potential of data integration in healthcare practice and have witnessed the impact of the effective integration of data, knowledge, and information to support practice decisions at the point of care. Working with an interdisciplinary team, I configured and implemented a Glucose Management dashboard within our EHR that provides a meaningful combination of current patient data in order to support practice decisions that prevent the occurrence of hypoglycemic events.

As a nurse, I am trained in advocacy; for patients and families. That advocacy has grown into an advocacy for the nursing profession, for excellent healthcare delivery, and the leveraging of technological solutions. When our hospital transitioned from paper to electronic charting I had an opportunity to champion the change as a super-user, providing education, support, and encouragement to my colleagues through a challenging transition.

My nursing education and patient care experience has made me an invaluable player in the innovative future of healthcare. With my clinical expertise I am able to bridge the gap between advancing technological solutions and frontline practitioners.

• Change Management • Process Improvement • Quality Reporting • Cerner Soarian Clinicals EHR • EHR Technical Support • EHR Optimization • Clinical Documentation • End-User Training • CPOE • Patient Care • Nursing Process • Creative Problem Solving • Time Management •