Ms. Sharan Beal, MSN RN

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I am a nurse of approximately 21+ years with various experience in Med-Surg/Cardiac Stepdown, ER, CCU/Trauma ICU, Leadership/Management, and Nursing Informatics.  I am currently working as a Nursing Informatics RN, whose primary role is to support multidisciplinary services implementation of computerized patient care documentation and automated data processing applications. 

I am currently an experienced Clinical Application Coordinator/Nursing Informatics Applications RN, whose primary role is to support implementation of computerized patient care documentation and automated data processing applications. I would serve as a liaison between administration, clinical staff, and Information Technology Service (IT). Facilitates training, implementation, and overall use of CPRS/VISTA throughout the facility in the Department of Veteran Affairs. Serves as a knowledge expert for the electronic health record (CPRS) and associated clinical software, and provides users and staff with consultative support and education. Identifies end-user educational requirements and training needs and develops educational programs, instructional materials, and appropriate tools to educate the users and support staff at all levels of the organization. Troubleshoots when functionality is compromised by determining the cause of and/or the solution to the problem. Effectively and efficiently manages multiple competing priorities.

The (NI) will demonstrate the following eight core VHA Heath informatic functions Framework; application data management, content management, system optimization, change management, requirements management, and partnership management. The NI will apply the nursing process principles, determine the most appropriate use of expertise in clinical informatic coordination, patient and staff education with attention to system issues that require intervention,and quality and performance measures. The Nursing informatics will work with a diverse group of stakeholders across the healthcare continuum, ultimately helping to bridge the gap between clinical and technical perspectives. The NI, maintains professional knowledge and skills based on currently published or communicated information, such as through professional readings and refereed nursing journals, and attending workshops and seminars. The NI will provide expert consultation and clinical guidance within the field of informatics and by implementing improvements in clinical health care delivery systems. The NI will also provide leadership at program or service level in communication, education, and leadership to support comprehension of and adaptation to organizational updates; leveraging project management principles and environmental assessment to drive adoption of change.

I am the lead administrator for I-Med Consent, Clinical Procedure, Clinic Orders, Life-Sustaining Treatment program and all of the CPRS Training for Medical Students/Residents/Fellows.