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Mrs. Maridel Silvia, MSN RN CCRN

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Critical Care RN MSN CCRN, and anticipated MSN in Informatics by December 2018.
I have a deep passion for the ICU, nursing informatics, healthy work environments, excellent teamwork, promoting mindfulness, and charismatic, servant, and transformational leadership.
I never drive to work without a smile on my face or warmth in my heart.
Everyday is a new learning experience and I am a thirsty sponge.

*Informatics & Technology Council Co-chair - HMWB

*Cerner Trainer & Super User

*American Association of Critical Care Nurses:
National & North Harris Montgomery County Chapter Member

*American Nursing Informatics Association:
-National & Houston Chapter Member

*ICU Shared Governance Committee Member-HMWB

*SICU AACN Beacon Award 2018 Team - HMWB

*ICU Committee Member - AMC
*Code Committee Member - AMC