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  • 1.  scribes for nursing

    Posted 12-21-2021 17:12
    I am wondering if any of you are using scribes to help nurses document as part of a surge or emergency plan?  If so, how?  Is the scribe in-person or virtual?  If they are not in the room, how are they scribing?  Who are the scribes?  
    If you have any information or great ideas, would you please share with me?
    Thank you,

    Terri DeClerck
    Senior Clinical Informaticist
    Cerner ITWx at Genesis Health System
    Davenport IA

  • 2.  RE: scribes for nursing

    Posted 01-03-2022 09:54
    In my previous hospital position, we didn't have scribes per se but we used an ER Telemed service for consults, translators, and nursing support. They also provided documentation to us of the codes, etc. as they could watch and hear everything we did. As a small critical access hospital, this was a very valuable service because we simply didn't have the staffing to do the documentation and run the codes/traumas. Usually the nurses would go back and input the notes from the telemed nurses into our EHR so we had info for the receiving facility, quality/risk/trauma committee.  Plus, our nurses could verify the notes and make corrections if needed. So while the telemed service didn't actually enter anything into our EHR, they did provide excellent notes with which to document ourselves after the code. These notes were also valuable when we called the receiving hospital to give report but didn't have all our documentation complete yet. What I noticed was we really were able to get details and times we hadn't always been able to get, which in turn did also help with reimbursement.

    Rhonda Spellmeier MBA BSN RN
    Kansas Health Information Network
    Sabetha KS