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What was your favorite NI moment of 2022?

  • 1.  What was your favorite NI moment of 2022?

    Posted 12-31-2022 20:23

    What was your favorite NI moment of 2022?

    Well, I'll tell you what mine was, getting involved with ANIA again! No really, I did a lot for my career way back in 2018. I did too much, too fast...and then came 2020. I have a wrapper from a Dove chocolate at my desk which says, "Sometimes things have to fall apart, for them to fall together". 
    I've learned to accept my strengths and weaknesses AND lean into them.
    One of my strengths as a nurse is informatics, it's something that I'm always excited to learn about and talk about. Rejoining feels fun and not burdensome! I can't wait to see and work with my fellow Nurse Informaticists! I've missed you!
    Farewell 2022! Hello 2023!

    Angee Kilmer, BSN, RN-BC | LinkedIn

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