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  • 1.  Mentorship

    Posted 11-14-2015 08:41

    My name is Torria Landry and I’m a registered nurse in the metro Atlanta area. I’m attending Chamberlain College of Nursing on-line studying Nursing Informatics. In January 2016 I will be entering my practicum course which involves selecting a mentor and applying the knowledge and skills I’ve obtained to real-life situations and events onsite. The practicum courses will further prepare me in the advanced practice role of an NI. It will allow me to enhance my skills in communication, teamwork, critical thinking and professionalism. I have 120 days prior to my practicum start date to find a mentor and submit the required applications from myself and my mentor to the practicum coordinator at Chamberlain College of Nursing. The deadline for me is 10/26/2015.  My practicum will begin in January and I need to complete 200 practicum hours for the first 8 week session and another 100 practicum hours for the second 8 week session. I would greatly appreciate any feedback to help me complete my program.  Have a great day!

    Torria Landry
    Registered Nurse
    Fayetteville GA