Envisioning the Role of Nursing Informatics in the Post EHR, Emerging AI Era

When:  Mar 21, 2024 from 17:00 to 18:00 (ET)
This presentation aims to integrate the emerging era of artificial intelligence into the current state of our nursing and healthcare needs while also recognizing the emerging role that informatics nurses will have as the technology further develops and is sought out for use either by vendors or healthcare leaders. An overarching aim of the presentation will be to:
 1) Reinforce that AI is another technology that should be evaluated in the same way that we as informatics have approached any technological solution. While the specifics will change, the process will largely remain the same.
2) Informatics nurses will be looked upon as experts in this emerging field. While AI is new for all, it will be the responsibility of informatics nurses to be prepared through education and where able, experience on how to use AI tools.
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Dr. Tiffany Kelley PhD MBA RN NI-BC is a leading expert on the topics of healthcare innovation and informatics in the contemporary times of delivering safe, efficient, timely, patient-centered, effective, and equitable care to patients and their families. She is the Founder and CEO of iCare Nursing Solutions, a company established in 2015 to address the informatics and health IT educational needs of nurses as well as the professional consulting needs of health centers and organizations for new health IT solutions. 


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