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Need a mentor

  • 1.  Need a mentor

    Posted 03-02-2018 08:51
    I'm new to Informatics.  I currently work as a clinical Informatics Specialist (CIS) and having difficulties undestanding roles and a few concepts.  I'm look for a mentor that can guide me along the way with my projects.

    Ngozi Onyegbulem RN
    Clinical Informatics Specialist
    Cerritos CA

  • 2.  RE: Need a mentor

    Posted 03-03-2018 18:07
    There are several really good books.  My favorite is the Essentials of Nursing Informatics, but there are others in my personal library that I love as well.  Finding a group to network with and hopefully a good mentor are also important when starting out.  If there is a nearby ANIA or HIMSS chapter near you try getting involved.

    Denise Tyler, DNP, MSN/MBA, RN-BC