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Getting a job in nursing informatics

  • 1.  Getting a job in nursing informatics

    Posted 09-30-2018 18:04
    Hi,  I am interested in an job in informatics however I dont have the experience and everywhere that I apply they are looking for someone with experience. Is there anywhere that will train me because I really want to learn and am very interested and motivated. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Monica Patel
    Staff Nurse
    Sugarland TX


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    Posted 10-01-2018 07:37
    Hi Monica,

    Does the facility where you work have an informatics committee? As I am nearing the end of my MSN in Informatics program I find myself thinking the same thing you are. However, I have become the co-chair of my hospital's Informatics & Technology Committee which has given me substantial experience in the world of informatics and exposure to several contacts within our organization that could potentially help me when I am ready to transition away from the bedside. I would reach out to your leadership and see if there are any opportunities within your organization that could help you gain some type of experience in informatics.
    Good luck!

    Mary Cruz Silvia, BSN CCRN
    RN III
    Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital
    Critical Care Services
    mcruz2@houstonmethodist.org (972) 841-8919

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    Posted 10-02-2018 10:53

    Hi Monica!


    The responses from this group are great ways to gain experience in Nursing Informatics.


    There are a lot of nursing initiatives that begins at the bedside. Your active participation in applying informatics solutions to these initiatives can also be counted as an experience.  Take note of measurable outcomes (i.e. patient care, patient safety, healthcare cost, workflow efficiency, etc.) and impact (unit, department/service, organization).  In addition, you can also participate in organizational initiatives such as User Acceptance Testing (UAT), systems implementation and/or system upgrades, etc.


    Lastly, I find formal education in Nursing Informatics as most beneficial.  Not only do you gain valuable knowledge, you will also have opportunity to train with preceptors for your capstone projects and start networking with peers in the field.


    Good luck!



    Mercury Sitoy Cacanindin, MSN RN-BC, CNN

    Program Manager, Nursing Integration

    Executive Nursing Practice Group

    Harris Health System

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    Posted 10-01-2018 09:07
    Experience can come from all avenues. I see candidates where they do not realize they have the experience to apply. Example:
    1. Being a Super User
    2. Projects you have done in school or part of your nursing portfolio where the project surrounded Technology
    3. Professional organization- you are taking initiative to reach out to this group. Get involved in our Houston- ANIA Chapter

    Kathleen Ulanday