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MSN Preceptor needed - Orlando

  • 1.  MSN Preceptor needed - Orlando

    Posted 06-14-2017 21:43
    Hello everyone, my name is Lissette Smith, a Nursing Informatics graduate student at Chamberlain College of Nursing. I have been searching for a mentor for over a month now and having difficulty find a practicum site/preceptor/mentor for my upcoming November practicum. I just switched my track to Nursing Informatics so I was left with little time to find a mentor. I have reached out to my school and coordinator and was told that they could not assist me. I live in Clermont, northwest of Orlando, and contacted many healthcare organizations in the surrounding area, including Orlando Health (I was not an employee so they could not accommodate me), Florida Hospital Orlando (only two Masters prepared nurses were available and could not commit to a student), and Orlando and Tampa VA hospitals to name just a few. Would someone be able to help me or direct me in the right direction of qualified mentors? I am worried that I am unable to find a mentor by my school's application deadline, which is July 3, 2017. Any assistance is much appreciated. Thank you.


    Lissette Smith

    Lissette Smith, BSN, RN


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    Posted 06-15-2017 11:20

    Did you reach out to Adventist Corporafe? I am on the CareNet team (clinical applications) team there. If not I can ask if we have availability. Our office is located in Altamonte Springs.

    You can contact me at holly.freuler@ahss.org

    Holly Freuler
    Clincal Applications Analyst
    Saint Cloud FL

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    Posted 06-15-2017 11:20
    Hello Lissette,

    There has been an ongoing thread on the main ANIA listser about finding preceptors.  Some schools help find the preceptors, others ask the student to find their own.

    If you are employed, it is far easier to find a preceptor and project within your organization.  For example, inquire in the nursing education department, or QA for a technology based project.  If your are interested in outcomes, find the department that is working with predictive analysis, or work with the Telemedicine department for a project.

    If you are not currently employed, branch out to look at technology needs in skilled facilities, nursing homes, - even drug stores that use an EHR.  the big problem if you think outside the "box" is: Does the school have an articulation agreement designed for other that hospital use?  There are small start up companies using or designing healthcare technology applications. Look for opportunities in this area.  Look at the help wanted sites for nursing informatics jobs, you might find a practicum site AND employment!  If you can travel,  you might find a practicum site at a healthcare technology vendor site.

    Try to find out where other students at your school found preceptors and practicum sites.  

    Good luck, continue your studies - we need NI experts.

    Kathleen Smith, MScEd, RN-BC, FHIMSS