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Need Mentor for school project

  • 1.  Need Mentor for school project

    Posted 01-03-2017 19:07

    I my name is Leah and I am getting a MSN specializing in Informatics from Excelsior College. I am doing the Capstone part of my education in the spring, which is my final step to graduating. I am looking for a mentor that has a master's level education in Informatics and has worked in the field for one year. If there is anyone willing to help me please email me at Leahj7347@gmail.com. The term dates are January 2, 2017-April 16, 2017. I have copied information from the syllabus from the course for further information and requirements. 

    All the course work is based on your Project Experience.

    The Project Experience is a central component of the Capstone along with the Online Seminar, Scholarly Written Submissions, and Project Presentation. The Project Experience is designed to provide students with the opportunity to:

    Assume a leadership role, under the guidance of a mentor, resulting in completion of a project that benefits the organization
    Apply inquiry, theoretical and empirical knowledge, and innovation to support the project
    Analyze the sponsoring organization’s structure and culture including power, decisions making, problem solving, communication, and information systems
    Implement the role of a masters prepared nurse
    The guidelines for the project experience are purposefully flexible to allow students to create an experience that is meaningful for them and provides an opportunity to apply learned knowledge and skills acquired throughout the program to actual situations. This experience should also be beneficial to the organization. Specific information and guidelines for the following areas can be found in the Capstone Project Guidelines:

    Roles and responsibilities of the student:

    In accordance with the criteria for selecting an organizational setting and the criteria for proposal development of the Project Experience, identify an organizational setting and mentor willing to commit to participate in the experience. The organizational setting may include, but not be limited to: acute and long-term care settings, clinics, schools, governmental and community agencies. The student is encouraged to complete the experience in the organization where he or she is employed; however, the description of the project experience must not conflict with that of the employee role.
    Complete and submit the Capstone Project Proposal and Approval form.
    The project can begin as soon as the student has received approval from the course faculty and must be completed prior to the end of the semester.
    Develop a schedule with the mentor to meet course and project commitments. Excelsior College instructional faculty are to be kept informed of any changes in the timeline.
    Comply with all College and organization requirements and pertinent policies, procedures, and regulations during the project experience, including those related to privacy, confidentiality, licensure, professional liability, and health and safety standards.
    Complete the project experience as outlined in the proposal. If a change occurs, the student is expected to notify the instructional faculty prior to making modifications.
    Confidentiality extends to all information the student gleans from interactions during the project and extends after the Capstone Project Experience. The student is expected to display appropriate professional and social behaviors.
    Provide a copy of the course syllabus to your project mentor.

    Criteria for selecting an organization:

    Learning opportunities that will allow the student to meet the course requirements
    A suitable mentor
    A safe working environment that is conductive to learning and allows the student to accomplish the outcomes for the project experience
    Commitment to student education and role socialization
    Project Mentor selection criteria and role:

    At least a Masters level preparation with expertise in the focus of the project
    Current licensure (if indicated)
    One year experience in the organization
    Good verbal and communication skills
    Ability to work collaboratively with students, faculty, and other disciplines

    ********Project Mentor Role***********

    Serve as a resource while the student is functioning within the organization.
    Assist the student in developing the project that is consistent with the needs of the student and organization.
    Identify and maintain organizational channels of communication related to project experience requirements.
    Facilitate access to organizational resources.
    Guide the student in selecting experiences based on the project mentor’s understanding of the opportunities available in the organization.
    Negotiate a schedule with the student and define the process of notification of schedule changes.
    Assess issues related to confidentiality that may arise during the project. The project mentor will determine what information can and cannot be shared, potential conflicts of interest, and provide the student with guidance in handling these types of ethical situations.
    Please contact the program administration at the college for any questions, suggestions, or concerns, through the following email: nursingmasters@excelsior.edu This email box is monitored weekdays, 9:00 to 5:00 Eastern Time. If sending an email on the weekend, expect follow up on the following Monday.

    Roles and responsibility of Excelsior College instructional faculty:

    Guidance in selecting mentors, if needed.
    Assist in interpreting the project experience guidelines for selecting an organization, mentor and project.
    Maintain availability as a resource to students as a first line of contact for issues related to the project experience.
    Review and approve project experience proposal.
    Provide advisement and guidance to the student during the project experience and feedback at the completion of the project.
    Evaluate the student’s performance and assign grades.
    Comply with all College and organizational privacy and confidentiality policies. The confidentiality guideline extends to information gleaned from interactions during the capstone experience.
    Excelsior College support to instructional faculty, students, and organizations include the following:

    Maintain all student records.
    Insure that all instructional faculty meet the College requirements related to licensure, education, and experience.
    Provide administrative and consultative support as needed.
    During the project experience, students spend approximately 14.5 hours per week (202.5 hours total) working on their projects; this includes project preparation, specific project activities in conjunction with the organization and mentor, capstone project paper, abstract, and project presentation. By mutual agreement between the student and the mentor, the required hours can be done in a concentrated time period or spread out. The project experience can begin as soon as all the required Capstone Project Proposal and evidence of current RN license have been submitted and approved by your course instructor. The expectation is that the project experience component is completed by Week 12 in order to complete the activities of the Abstract and Capstone Presentation.

    By registering for a web-based course, you have made a commitment to participate regularly with your instructor and other students in online discussions. You will be expected to use online course tools (Discussions and Chat rooms) to interact with your peers and work collaboratively to improve your understanding of underlying course ideas and issues.

    To lessen the risk of losing your work, do not write major discussions directly into a discussion posting. Instead, compose and check your work in other software (such as Microsoft Word) and then use the Create Message button and copy and paste your text into the new posting.

    Leah Johnson
    Jacksonville FL