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Mentor for Nursing Informatics Capstone

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    Posted 05-21-2017 01:43
    Hello, my name is Jenny Stepp and I'm looking for a mentor who could help with my Nursing Informatics Capstone through Excelsior College. The mentor-ship will be 11 weeks with a project that is due on July 23. My project contains an automated follow-up/referral reminder system for patients who are discharged from our ER (Adeptus Health, First Choice ER) which is located in Austin, Texas. Currently, the ER has a manual log that keeps track of patient referrals and follow-ups but has no way to track if patients are going to their scheduled appointments. Also, the front office is faxing over patient records to their PCP or referral physician but have no way to track this either. I propose a reminder system that would be sent via email or text seven, 3 and 1 day before their scheduled appointment. The message would include time, date, location, and MD. It would be programmed to have a do not reply so that we do not get an influx of reply emails and texts. Data would then be collected for 8-10 weeks and a graft will be created to do a before and after implementation comparison. If you have any questions, please email be at I would need proof of a Master's degree or higher.

    Jenny Stepp, RN. BSN

    Jenny Stepp
    Buda TX