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  • 1.  Patient Portal

    Posted 02-16-2018 15:09
    Only 2% percent of our patients are participating in signing up for Patient Portal. So far, I have been going to patient's room and encouraging them to sign up. I am also walking them through each step on how to? Any advice or recommendation on how to increase our score. Thank you.

    Rachelle Xa RN
    Clinical Informatics Specialist
    Cibolo TX

  • 2.  RE: Patient Portal

    Posted 02-16-2018 15:45
    ​We share your problem at our organization too. An access code is given to every patient on their after visit summary (implemented in 2014). Our hope was this would be reviewed at discharge with the patient.  Reviewing data and communicating with staff found that there had been little nursing involvement in promoting the portal at discharge.

    A year and a half ago we implemented another process training our volunteers to assist in signing patients up while they were still inpatients.  Unfortunately, we have seen only a mild increase in patient engagement within the portal.  MU Stage 3 patient generated data is a concern and we are looking at ways to boost our patient engagement and remarketing our portal. I would be interested to see what others are doing and whats working for them.

    Kimberlee Dean
    RN Data Analyst
    Middletown NY