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Discussion Board for Idea Sharing during Writing of a Magnet Document

  • 1.  Discussion Board for Idea Sharing during Writing of a Magnet Document

    Posted 03-30-2017 14:55

    Dear ANIA members,

    We are a Magnet designated hospital and staff nurses write much of our document.  While we have identified many initiatives to include in our next document, we anticipate a need for improved communication between the writers and the rest of our nursing team during our writing process.  It was challenging for our writers to garner ideas for exemplars for our first document as they lacked awareness of projects or processes occurring throughout the institution, particularly outside their own units or service lines.  This may not be such a big problem this time around as we've been identifying initiatives to include; however, we want to put some things in place to make it easier for them.     We'd like to build a secure platform, similar to a blog or discussion board used in online learning, where writers could pose their requests for exemplar topics. This forum should create efficiency for the writers, and reduce the stream of emails and "beating of the bushes" previously experienced. This platform should have capability to "invite" the necessary stakeholder participants, such as shared governance council chairs, committee chairs, managers, and directors, who would then receive notification when new topics post.  Is anyone using such a forum?  Can you provide details on your platform and how it has improved your process? 

    Thank you, and we appreciate any suggestions. 


    Anne Satterthwaite BSN RN-BC
    Clinical Systems Analyst
    Penn Medicine Chester County Hospital
    West Chester, PA